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Bookcases used to be a staple furniture piece in the living area, but nowadays many people choose not to have one. A bookcase can easily look unorganized and cluttered which may be one of the reasons.  Here are 5 tips on how to make your bookcase look fabulous even with soft covers and space for trinkets.

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The Client:

B.J and I met through Social media. Then I visited her store, Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut in Red Deer, and fell in love with both her personality and the chocolate (the sea salted caramels are to die for!). I ended up designing the Valentines’ display in her store (which was so much fun!) and after that the Easter and Spring displays. When B.J asked if I could help with her newly purchased apartment in Red Deer I was thrilled! I know she has excellent taste and is fun to be around (and I was secretly hoping to get paid in chocolate). The first area we were to tackle was the Dining area/Kitchen…

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Let me explain how a 2 hour consultation can help You by answering these common questions…


What can I expect from a consultation?

  We will walk through your space/spaces and discuss what you want to achieve. We will discuss furniture arrangement, finishing choices (such as tiles, counter tops, flooring etc…), window treatments, upholstery or any other design questions you may have. Whether it is just for advice and tips or to begin a longer term working relationship, a consultation is the place to start. It’s amazing what can be achieved in two hours!!  Read more about consultation and other services here

How can I benefit from a consultation?

  • Save time– This is an excellent meeting to make decisions. You will have the knowledge and experience of an interior designer to help you make the decisions that is right for you and your space. The designer will have information that would take hours for you to research.
  • Save money– By having  a designer to help you pick paint colour and other finishes your chance of getting it right the first time is high. Knowing the market well a designer would be able to tell you where you would get the best value for your money. Showing you how you can re-purpose or incorporate your existing furniture in your new space or is only one of many ways a designer can help you save money in your project.

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