Keeping the brass.
Instead of exchanging the brassy fireplace insert, we decided to change everything else. We added paneling and painted the back wall and mantel in a soft grey with blue undertones. The colour looks great with the brass which we repeatedly used in the accents throughout the space.

It’s time to spring clean! I’m tackling one space per week and will start with the bedroom.

If there’s one space to try a minimalistic lifestyle, it’s the bedroom An uncluttered and clean bedroom helps you unwind and improves your sleep. 

 Here is an easy step by step plan to get your bedroom ready for spring:

1. Purge

Only keep what truly belongs in the bedroom. This goes for your closet as well. If you haven’t worn a garment in a year it’s probably safe to get rid of it(give to a friend or charity). If you are unsure- put it in a “half way home” box. Mark your calendar to revisit the box in two months. If you haven’t missed any of the items, it’s time to let go.

This exercise may require an honest girlfriend.


2. Storage

Once you’ve gotten rid of some unnecessary clutter, you can evaluate your storage situation. Do you need to reorganize your closet? Can you use the space under your bed?

Perhaps add some stylish labelled bins for the top shelves of your closet for items that’s not regularly used.

Line drawers with scented paper or add lavender pillows for some every day luxury.


3. Windows

Clean your windows and window coverings.

Are your blinds in good shape? Do they meet your needs? Do you need to add/replace drapery? Changing your drapery can give your bedroom a facelift. Perhaps something lighter and brighterfor spring/summer?


4. Bedding

Clean your pillows and duvet according to manufacturers recommendations. Vacuum your mattress and turn it if necessary.

If you are unhappy with your pillow or mattress, get expert help to select a new one that works for you. 

Make sure that you have sheets that you love! Bamboo, Belgian linen, Egyptian cotton…there are a lot of options out there. If there was ever an investment worth doing its in your bed. A good nights sleep is the ultimate every day luxury.


5. Lighting

Mood light, reading light and overall light. It’s important to have all those three in the bedroom. Could you add a dimmer switch to your ceiling lights? Are your reading lights the right height and the light bulbs the right wattage? What about your closet… Do you need to add some LED lighting to your shelves?


6. Make a list


Now list all issues/needs you’ve come across. Add a column for what needs to be done to resolve it and a time frame(or use my list in the link above). It doesn’t have to be straight away, for instance if you notice that some paint is chipped on your baseboard and you’re planning on re-painting in fall, then fall will be on the timeline. This is just a way of keeping track and being on top of your home. It also makes it less overwhelming by having it on paper and out of your head.

Give yourself a time line and stick to it. Once you have a functioning, serene bedroom everything else will follow.

Happy Spring Cleaning!!




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