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Bookcases used to be a staple furniture piece in the living area, but nowadays many people choose not to have one. A bookcase can easily look unorganized and cluttered which may be one of the reasons.  Here are 5 tips on how to make your bookcase look fabulous even with soft covers and space for trinkets.

1. Store your books according to size then stack them horizontally and vertically to create a pattern.

2. Sort your books by colour. This is a fun way to add colour to a room without the chaos of a traditional bookcase.

by colour

3. Turn your books around to create a unanimous look. This frees you up to add any colour to your bookcase as the books become your neutral canvas instead of the main focus. I know…How do you know which book is which? You can always sort them in themes and leave books that you use often with the back facing out. If you are like me you only read a book once anyway…

detail of styled bookshelf by Sofie B Design

3. Add art and/or decor to break up and add interest. A bookcase in the perfect place to display framed photos and vases.

4. Beautiful boxes are great to use as storage for loose photos and trinkets in the bookshelf, without making it look cluttered.


 Try it out! I would love to see pictures of your freshly styled bookcases!

bookshelf styled

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Happy decorating!





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2 replies
  1. Brenda Sargeant says:

    I used to have a full wall bookcase in my house..LOVED IT. Books, pictures, stuff from my travels, great memories everywhere.

    They’re fun because you can “redecorate” by just changing thing around. Love the little lights you have in these ones…cool feature!

  2. BJ says:

    I love love love this bookcase! What an elegant and functional use of space! I forwarded this to a friend who was just going to buy a bunch of bookcases to store her books. This is a much better plan : )

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