Let me explain how a 2 hour consultation can help You by answering these common questions…


What can I expect from a consultation?

  We will walk through your space/spaces and discuss what you want to achieve. We will discuss furniture arrangement, finishing choices (such as tiles, counter tops, flooring etc…), window treatments, upholstery or any other design questions you may have. Whether it is just for advice and tips or to begin a longer term working relationship, a consultation is the place to start. It’s amazing what can be achieved in two hours!!  Read more about consultation and other services here

How can I benefit from a consultation?

  • Save time– This is an excellent meeting to make decisions. You will have the knowledge and experience of an interior designer to help you make the decisions that is right for you and your space. The designer will have information that would take hours for you to research.
  • Save money– By having  a designer to help you pick paint colour and other finishes your chance of getting it right the first time is high. Knowing the market well a designer would be able to tell you where you would get the best value for your money. Showing you how you can re-purpose or incorporate your existing furniture in your new space or is only one of many ways a designer can help you save money in your project.

  • Better access– A designer has access to fabric and furniture lines that you can’t always find in your local stores.
  • Second opinion– Even if you have a great sense of style and have experience another set of eyes is always helpful. If it’s to double check your plans when building or look over your paint and finishing selections, an independent designer approaches this with your best interest as their main priority. Understanding your lifestyle, wants and needs will be the basis of any advice, not a sale. A two hour consultation can put you at ease or prevent you from making costly mistakes.
  • In home consultation– Coming to Your home instantly gives the designer a better feel for You and your family. The designers at the kitchen/tile/paint store will be able to give you great advice on their products, but when it comes to the big picture and tying it all together, having a designer “on-site” with all the information is the best way to confirm that it all works together.
  • Trade associates– Designers work with contractors, builders, craftsmen and tradesmen all the time and would be able to recommend the right ones for Your job. This could save you lots of time money and frustration.
  • Neutral opinion– Let’s face it, a renovation can be tough on a relationship. There are lots of opportunities for conflict. To have a third, neutral person in the decision making could make the process much easier;).

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