Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2013

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2013

These classic patterns will last a lifetime in your closet and your home. Think classic tailored suits and menswear. Mix it with leather, burnt orange, burgundy and emerald to get the look. Read more

high-low chandelier


High: The chandelier to the left is called”glass rod chandelier” and is vintage from the 60’s by Italian designer Sciolari. You can buy it through antique dealers… Morentz sells it for $3450

Gaetano Sciolari glass rod chandelier 3450


nadorra 499, mercana




Low: The chandelier to the right is a modern update of the glass rod chandelier. You can buy it through

Sofie B Design for $895

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Top tips bookshelf header

Bookcases used to be a staple furniture piece in the living area, but nowadays many people choose not to have one. A bookcase can easily look unorganized and cluttered which may be one of the reasons.  Here are 5 tips on how to make your bookcase look fabulous even with soft covers and space for trinkets.

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