There are options…

If you ever built a house you know that when you get to the stage of picking light fixtures in the design process, you are either out of energy or money.  The risk is that you will end up with (what Misty Ellis from Ever After Interiors like to call)”boob lights” somewhere in your home.

 These very basic flush mount light fixtures come in surprisingly many variations and price points and are(according to me) completely without personality. How they became so popular, that they are almost the norm in the average home is beyond me.

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Why is the half bath or powder room one of my favourite spaces? Because you can go all out when decorating it! Think about it… 1. It’s used mostly by guests, so make it an experience. 2. You spend a very short amount of time in there so bold patterns and colours are fine to use. 3. It’s small so splurging on finishes is ok.

This is the best place to wow without overwhelming!

What to focus on

Lighting– make sure it’s bright enough to see what you’re doing and show off the space, but home facials can be done elsewhere. This means yes to pretty chandelier, dimmable wall lights or a nice standing light. If you have space…why not?

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